Course Grading & Assignments

Course Grading & Assignments

Late assignments are not accepted without documentation, and acceptable documentation is determined at the instructor’s discretion. This also applies to missed exams.

Course Grading

Grades for the class will be based on the following:

  • Discussion Board Responses: 20%
  • Weekly Reaction Papers: 20%
  • Sociological Narrative: 30%
  • Attendance/Participation: 20%
  • Guiding Questions for films: 10%

Course Requirements

Discussion Board Prompt: Each week there will be a discussion board prompt. Discussion board prompts are going to be posted on Blackboard in the discussion board section. You are responsible for responding to the discussion board post (so you’re responding once directly to my prompt) and then to two of your classmate’s responses (you’ll respond to two classmates). This is a total of 3 times per discussion board—again, responding directly to the prompt once and then to two classmates.

For example:

Weekly Post: Do you like ice cream? Why or why not?

Response to instructor: “Yes, I like ice cream.”

Peer Response 1: “Gottmik, I can’t believe you like vanilla ice cream! It’s so plain!”

Peer Response 2: “Symone, you like mint chocolate chip?!”

Obviously, your responses won’t be as reductive or short. However, your post should thoroughly address the prompt while incorporating at least two course materials from that assigned week (Prezis, videos, and readings are all acceptable). In terms of length? Aim for at least one paragraph when responding directly to the prompt (no more than 2 paragraphs though! Don’t type an essay). Your responses to your peers should be no longer than a paragraph each. Your responses should be thoughtful and interactive—not a simple yes, no, or affirmation. Engage to the best of your ability!

Each weekly discussion board response is worth 2 points (there will be 10 prompts total throughout the remainder of the semester) and to receive full credit you must respond to the prompt AND two of your classmate’s responses in addition to meeting the above criteria (incomplete answers will be given partial credit—your direct response to the prompt itself is worth 1 point each week, and your response to each peer is worth .5 points each week. This equates to 20% of your final grade by the end of the semester).

Due dates found on the course schedule section.

Weekly Reading Reaction Paper: Each week you will write a reaction paper in response to the readings corresponding to the topic of that week. Reaction papers should be 1 page double spaced and you must incorporate at least two readings from that week in your response. For example, if you’re writing your first reaction paper for week one on the topic of the “the social world: social interactions and socialization,” you are to incorporate two readings from that topic in your reaction paper (for example, Examining Media’s Socialization of Gender Roles, Huffington Post and Reinforcing gender stereotypes: how our schools narrow children’s choices, The Guardian). 

There will be a total of 10 weekly reading reaction papers. Each response is worth 2% of your grade (totaling 20% of your final grade by the end of the semester). Again, please note that reading response papers must discuss at least two of the readings for that week, and they must include each reading’s main argument and a brief summary of the text. You can also include your reaction to that week’s readings—what they made you feel, think of, what they related to.

Due dates are on the course schedule.

Sociological Narrative (30%):  This paper will situate your lives in a broader sociological context. What has made you who you are? Why are you the way you are? Have you shaped society (and its structures and its institutions)? How have specific institutions shaped you (culture, education, etc.)? Your narrative will be 4-5 pages, Times New Roman, size font, double spaced.

Due dates are on the course schedule section of our CUNY Commons site.

Attendance/Participation (20%): Consistent attendance and participation are essential for this course. Because the course is predicated on involved participation, and dialogue, you must be present to fully engage in the course and get the most out of it. Excessive absences and/or absent participation will lower your grade–this is particularly true if you don’t communicate with me around these issues.  Participation will be assessed in ways that we will collaboratively discuss together. Attendance and participation are a combined grade.

Guiding Questions for Film/Documentaries (10%): For every film/documentary assigned, you will be responsible for submitting responses to guiding questions provided to you by your instructor. There will be five guiding question assignments (each assignment is worth 2% of your final grade totaling 10%).

Due dates are on the course schedule.